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Oxygen Therapy – natural treatment for hair-loss & scalp disorders

More and more people fight with hair and scalp disorders due to personal and environmental issues. Intense hair-loss, irritated, itchy scalp, weak, lightless hair… These are just a few symptoms that arise more and more often. The problems might be generated by many different factors (hormonal, alopecia, deficiency diseases), and might require a doctor’s analysis. 

In the most cases however one cause lies in the background: the hair-bulbs’ insufficient blood, oxygen, mineral matter and vitamin sustenance. Our oxygen therapy helps handle these problems in the case of both men and women. The therapy guarantees long term spectacular recovery. 


The main feature of the oxygen therapy is that through high-pressure oxygen liquid cell-active vitamins get allocated to the deepest layers of the skin, reaching the roots of the hair-bulbs. Through the treatment more than 50 different types of vitamins and mineral matters enter the scalp where the cell-metabolism takes place. The infusion of the anti-oxidants is managed by oxygen cylinders at a pressure about three cubic meters, preceded by a micro-camera hair diagnosis and the barking of the scalp. The treatment contains exclusively natural active ingredients, meaning that the procedure is absolutely risk-free. The treatments are done by our expert hair therapists, who prepare personalized treatment plan for each hair/scalp disorder.

  • Our products are cruelty-free, we do not test on animals and we don’t encourage animal testings.
  • Our products contain 100% organic active ingredients.
  • Our products are packed in biologically degradable plastic bottles, they do not pollute your environment and the globe.
  • The oxygen therapy might be applied in each case of a scalp disorder, and reduces the duration of the healing and regeneration period.
  • We assume 100% satisfaction guarantee for the therapy’s effectiveness!


The use of Oxygeni Hair home hair care products is fundamental part of oxygen therapy completing the activity of the ingredients. Use the hair care products suggested by your hair therapist for home treatment, and avoid hair care products filled with chemicals. In order to increase the effectiveness of the therapy, we advice using Oxygeni Hair hair care products for home treatment as well. 

  Why oxygen therapy is the best decision you can make?

Oxygen is responsible for our subsistence and our cells’ care-free activation. The insufficient oxygen alimentation is the cause of deficient blood circulation and improper nutrition, due to which it contributes to the weakening of the skin and emergence of scalp diseases such as hair-loss, and various types of scalp disorders and irritation.

Oxygen therapy stabilizes the cells and lengthens their lives, while the dead cells dissolve. The oxygen raises the moisture-content and the resistance of the skin, due to which the state of the scalp improves, revitalizes and the hair-bulbs strengthen. The oxygen has a remedial effect on blood circulation, benefiting the formation of the collagen, which is a priori mechanism for the healthy hair. Collagen is the most essential structural protein of the hair: it revives the passive hair-bulbs, and plays an active role in fighting against scalp diseases.

The result of the therapy is visible and sensible already after the first treatment, but depending on the disorder we advise cures containing 5-10 treatment occasions. Thanks to these cures the scalp and the hair-bulbs will be completely revitalized and renewed.

  The effects of the therapy

  • revitalizes the damaged and fragile hair, hydrates at sight
  • raises the scalp’s moisture-content
  • benefits the reinvigoration and densification of the hair
  • helps stop hair-loss and revitalizes the hair-bulbs
  • repairs the functioning of the sebaceous gland, and ceases the irritation and itch of the scalp caused by the seborrhea, and cures the dandruff and the dryness of the hair
  • reduces the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis
  • initiates the regeneration processes and revives the collagen formation
  • deeply nourishes, energizes the cells from the inside with substantial active ingredients
  • revitalizes the 4-5 year long inactive hair-bulbs
  • activates the ingredients where the cell metabolism takes place
  • helps prevent the emergence of scalp and hair diseases

What are the active ingredients of our therapy?

Our therapy contains exclusively organic active ingredients: aloe vera, mentol, cucumber, panthenol, extract of citruses, extract of  avocado, grapeseed oil, wheat germ oil, parsley oil, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B, jojoba oil, extract of briar-rose, retinol, vitamin E, Lepidium Meyenii, etc.

Safely recommended also for mothers-to-be, nursing mothers and children!

The procedure of the therapy

1. Hair diagnosis

Our hair medical analyses your scalp and hair through a micro-camera, after which he sets up your personalized cure offer

2. Deep cleansing, hair protection

Our expert washes and cures the scalp and hair with professional products recommended specifically to your hair type and disease followed by

3. Exfoliation, clearing away the pollution of the skin

An intense exfoliation through which due to floral enzymes we clear away the dead epithelial cells and deeply clear the skin to the pores

4. Hydration

Effective hydration with base jelly & base oil with aloe vera and jojoba oil extracts

5. Blowing in the active ingredients into the scalp

The ingestion of the specific active agent containing more than 50 types of vitamins is managed by oxygen cylinders at a pressure about three cubic meters

6. Drying the hair and hair care advice

After the cure the hairdresser dries your hair and gives you hair care advice and suggests you professional products to protect and regenerate your hair on a daily basis

Oxygen therapy is proposed for curing the following issues:

  • all types of hair-loss: diffuse, blobby, women’s and men’s hormonal hair-loss, hair-loss of elderly people
  • menly hair-loss: androgenic alopecia, recuring hair-bulbs dead for 4-5 years
  • hair-restoration after chemotherapy, densification and strengthening of the hair
  • before and after hair implementation for the successful reception of the new hair-bulbs
  • eczema
  • psoriasis
  • oily seborrhea
  • dry scalp
  • allergic or irritated scalp
  • too oily scalp
  • against dandruff
  • fastening and intensifying hair-restoration, hair densification and hair strengthening
  • adolescent hair and scalp disorders
  • preventing all types of hair and scalp disorders

In the case of scalp diseases after the first 2 treatments you might already see the signs of recovery. After 4-6 occasions you might notice a reduced hair-loss after washing your hair. The 10-occasion therapy might totally absolutely heal hair-loss and scalp diseases as well. We recommend a repetition of cures every second week. We propose a nourishing treatment to be repeated every month after the cure. 

Oxygen therapy is not only the most efficient method for curing hair and scalp diseases but it also stimulates hair restoration, hair densification and strengthens the hair. Additionally, oxygen therapy is not only recommended for the people fighting hair or scalp disorders, but for healthy haired persons also for preventing the problems and delaying the aging and poliosis of the hair. After only 2-3 oxygen treatments, you might already notice how faster your hair grows, and how stronger and more flexible did your hair become. The natural ingredients of our therapy revitalize your hair, and make it shiny, strong and soft, while your hair starts growing in a more intense way.


Krisztián Váczi – hair medical’s opinion about the therapy 

I’ve heard about so many professional scalp treatments that might be done at home, which sometimes are effective, but in most cases, the costumers don’t experience any positive result. After each occasion of oxygen therapy the result is visible and spectacular. My costumers contact me with various scalp and hair issues from intensive hair-loss to eczema, but there was never a case when it didn’t have an effect. Of course, for this the attitude of the guest must also take the therapy seriously, and he/she also has to do all his/her best for the efficiency of the treatment. For this, I all the time have a personal consultation with my guests, and after the treatment I give detailed information about the daily protection method of the hair.

The clear medical oxygen has a great effect on the development of the hair-bulbs, and the vitamins that we press into the scalp stabilize the scalp’s needs for these active ingredients, which are responsible for the hair-bulbs’ normal functioning. I’m always excited to see my guests’ experiences, the progress of their hairs, and the final result which is a healthy, vivid hair.

Leila Darabos – hair medical’s opinion about the therapy 

As a hairdresser it is very important to focus on the health of the hair, not only on its style. When the problems originates from the hair roots, you can cut as much from the hair as you want, but you will never solve it. This is the main thing why I consider very important the correct treatment of the hair, through which you can maintain the health of your hair.

Many people fight with scalp diseases, and they think there is no treatment for that. Due to oxygen therapy  from one occasion to the other we experience spectacular improvement, may the problem be the too oily scalp, irritated scalp, or hair-loss. I truly recommend oxygen therapy for everyone who faces one of these disorders, and aims to regain his/her healthy and strong hair.


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